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In a city the size of Chicago, it is often impossible to be close enough to someone to know who they really are…especially if they don’t want to be known. For Sonya Vinson, an unshakable fear that something is terribly wrong with her new husband Eddie is about to become terrifying reality. Married only seven months, Eddie has begun to engage in episodes of disorganized behavior: binge drinking, emotional withdrawal, a preoccupation with online pornography, and outbursts of violence.

Sonya’s appointment with clinical psychologist John Foster regarding her husband sets off a series of events that will have deadly consequences. Foster schedules a meeting with Eddie Vinson, which leads him to suspect that he is in the presence of a sociopath. Nevertheless, Foster is unwittingly drawn into a treacherous game of one-upmanship that soon leads to multiple murders. Armed with the skills and instincts that made him a legendary FBI profiler, but without the badge to back him up, Foster will be forced to draw on all aspects of his experience and expertise to bring Vinson to justice. Chameleon is a riveting thriller that goes straight for the jugular. Taut and filled with shocking twists and unanticipated turns, its ability to build and sustain white-knuckled tension is the stuff of great psychological suspense. Author Dan Dylan paints a realistic portrait— almost too realistic—of the evolution of an adult sociopath from the psyche of an abused child. Steeped in the authentic terminology and procedures of psychological practice and their real-world applications, Chameleon delivers on every level, carving out a niche for Dylan as the newest contributor to the suspense genre.

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